Dr Pallab Chatterjee

Chairman & CEO, Symphony RetailAI

Xcelerate presentation

Breathing AIR into Retail

Tuesday September 17th  (Paris) |  Tuesday October 8th  (Dallas)

Customers want their in-store experience to meet all of their needs - and enrich their online experience. They’re time optimizers. Experience seekers. Health conscious. Retail can’t meet these demands with traditional approaches.

In this opening keynote Dr Pallab Chatterjee will share the journey Symphony RetailAI has been on since its inception in 2018, describing the results seen from working with customers on AI deployments across marketing, promotions, category management and demand forecasting, and how that experience is now shaping and informing where we take AI next to deliver real and tangible improvements for our customers equipping them to identify, activate and realize future growth and profit opportunities.

Pallab will also introduce CINDE, the industry’s first AI-powered personal business decision coach.