Sandy Gupta

Vice President, Cross-Industry Strategy & Business, Microsoft

Sandy Gupta is a recognized leader in the industry, with over 25 years of success spanning global sales leadership, channel and partner strategies, business development and engineering.  Gupta has experience in AI, IOT, big data, cloud, mobile, standards, open source, systems architecture and key emerging technologies.

As Vice President for Cross-Industry Strategy and Sales at Microsoft, Gupta is responsible for the Go-to-Market and sales enablement strategy for Microsoft’s WW Industry business. His team is focused on maximizing impact to top accounts by Industry, scaling solutions through worldwide sales teams and partner ecosystems and defining strategies to innovate with customers in their Industries.

Prior to taking this role in 2017, Gupta served as Vice President of Public Sector and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Microsoft China in Beijing and was responsible for Microsoft’s strategic business relationships with the Chinese Government, including central government agencies, provincial and city governments, healthcare, and education. During this time, Gupta led the development of programs to support Chinese Industry’s transformation into an innovation-based portfolio, driving sustainable growth in the economy and government IT infrastructure. He also launched programs like City Start-up Incubation in more than 20 cities across China and localized Microsoft CityNext to China’s needs.

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In previous Microsoft roles, Gupta was responsible for leading interoperability with open source software in Cloud, understanding customer requirements for mixed environment and delivering solutions jointly developed by Microsoft and select partners.

Before joining Microsoft in 2008, Gupta spent over 17 years in the Unix industry, including serving as President and CTO of The SCO Group, where he drove technology and business strategy for Unix systems and J2EE based solutions targeted to key Industries like Retail, FSI, Government, etc. He started his IT career as a developer for Unix kernel and device drivers at Fujitsu ICL in the UK.

Gupta holds a Bachelors Degree of Computer Engineering from the University of Delhi and is an alumnus of Kellogg School of Management. He currently resides in Bellevue, Washington with his family.

Xcelerate presentation

The future is cognitive: Using AI in retail to overcome new hurdles

3:00pm – 3:50pm  |  Wednesday October 3rd

Today’s shoppers have developed a new standard of behaviors, preferences and expectations for all of their retail experiences.  Real-time engagement, differentiated personalization, making sense of data, synchronizing offline and online retail channels and understanding logistics networks are all key elements for companies to get smarter, more agile and to reduce time to market.  In this keynote session, Gupta will share his view on the acceleration of innovation and highlight examples of how retailers and other industries are using AI to get ahead.