Sahir Anand

Managing VP, Research & Strategy (Tech. & End-User Programs), EnsembleIQ Research Solutions

About Sahir:

Sahir has spent the last 14 years in retail sales and service operations, market research, content marketing, advisory/consulting, product marketing as well as being a start-up evangelist. Prior to EnsembleIQ Research Solutions (formerly EKN Research), Anand was practice leader and group director at Aberdeen Group and has also worked directly in retail.

Xcelerate presentation

Winning in retail by creating a 'new age' demand-centric supply chain

11:15am – 12:00pm |  Wednesday October 3rd

In the era of Omni-channel retail, a proactively managed demand chain is a must-have. Decoding demand signals to procure competitively priced, high-quality, in-demand products for the assortment-mix is what all retailers need in order to stay ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. The three key challenges that retailers struggle with are (1) the ability to decode these demand signals and align their inventory for optimal replenishment/fulfillment, (2) forecasting consumer demand accurately to manage full-price sell-through of products, and (3) making their supply chain responsive enough to sudden changes in demand signals. Retailers and suppliers are spending significant dollars on research and promotional events to understand and influence consumer behavior to create pull and increase the company’s topline, but struggle with the ability to accurately predict demand, sense and respond to the identified changes quickly to ensure successful events. In this session, Sahir Anand, EnsembleIQ’s principal analyst and head of technology research, and Patty McDonald, Global Solution Marketing Director for supply chain solutions at Symphony RetailAI, will present findings from a newly released (Sept 2018) Retail Supply Chain survey of retailers and share related insights on what retailers must do in order to innovate in the retail supply chain.