Krešimir Ležaić

SVP of IT and Telecommunications, Mercator

Xcelerate presentation

From hypermarkets, convenience and click & collect to new formats, what’s next for Mercator?

11:40 – 12:10  |  Wednesday September 18th

Mercator’s vision is to be the best local retailer in every market of its operations. Headquartered in Slovenia, the retailer also operates in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Mercator has always prided itself on delivering the best experience for its shoppers. On the launch of its click & collect initiative, the retailer put priority on ensuring that the instore and online shopper were served equally investing in a supply chain backbone driven by realograms. Now in response to a highly competitive context, Mercator is launching new formats and concepts to ensure it firmly remains the destination for its customers.

In this presentation, Krešimir will walk delegates through the history of Mercator, its supply chain innovations and how these now provide the backbone to deliver its new concepts to market.