Kevin Sterneckert

Chief Marketing Officer, Symphony RetailAI

Sterneckert is a highly experienced retail executive and visionary. During his distinguished career, he has served as a Gartner research VP, CIO for a billion-dollar grocery chain and a long-time retail marketing executive, giving him a unique perspective into the challenges that retailers face. Sterneckert’s appointment strengthens Symphony RetailAI’s status as the premier provider of cloud-based, AI-native applications built for the requirements of modern retail.

Drawing on his deep, broad industry history, Sterneckert is acutely aware of the critical need for a new breed of solutions. He joins Symphony RetailAI with a keen appreciation of the company’s distinct ability to innovate and deploy AI-enabled solutions across the enterprise – delivering real-time customer-centric category management, supply chain, and personalized marketing strategies, at scale.