Jan Hanussek

Managing Partner, Strategix

Xcelerate presentation

Category Management - 30 years later

16:00 – 16:30  |  Tuesday September 17th

Category Management has transformed from a questionable fuzzy theory to facts- based instrument, which became an essential prerequisite for every successful retailer. In the nineties, it was worshiped as panacea resolving all retail problems. Then it was recognized as utopia driven by manufacturers relying on dubious market research data and even declared dead. Since a few years however, Category Management is experiencing its revival. This time it is driven by retailers sitting on tons of real data and equipped with tools allowing to make use of it.

In his presentation, Jan will briefly outline the history and transition process of Category Management over the years. He will also present real-life examples what innovative retailers do with their data and how the division between brick-and-mortar retails and ecommerce is vanishing.