Ger O'Flynn

Head of Commercial IT, Musgrave

Xcelerate presentation

The Perfect Order

11:00 – 11:30  |  Wednesday September 18th

With nearly 700 franchise stores in Ireland operating in a very competitive grocery market, Musgrave has worked with Symphony RetailAI for over 15 years. With the ever-increasing pressure on store efficiency, inventory levels and the supporting supply chain, Musgrave decided to expand the use of Symphony RetailAI’s technology to encompass DC and store forecasting, as well as replenishment and in store use of mobile technology to allow their retail partners in store to better utilise staff hours.

Join Ger as he takes the audience through Musgrave’s decision to embark on a companywide transformational supply chain program, walking through the approach to business change, implementation, target areas for improvement and benefits the company expects to realise.