Franck Noel-Fontana

Director of Replenishment Transformation
Carrefour France

Xcelerate presentation

Building a responsive retail supply chain for a changing society

14:50 – 15:30  |  Tuesday September 17th

Better eating is a challenge for society. For pleasure, for health and also for developing a sustainable production model that protects the environment and biodiversity, limits global warming and contributes to local economies. Driven by these three imperatives – health, environmental and social – Carrefour is reinventing its model to promote a shared ambition: become the world leader in the food transition for all.

In this presentation, Franck will share why, more than ever, the supply chain is at the heart of customer satisfaction and what it takes to ensure it remains nimble, effective and serves its role in ensuring inventory availability across its distribution network and for its online as well as instore customers.