Dennis Host

Vice President, Marketing, Coborn's Inc.

Xcelerate presentation

Coborn’s uses consumer-centric strategy to provide MORE to shoppers

11:15am – 12:00pm |  Wednesday October 3rd

Coborn’s, Inc. launched a consumer-centric shopper marketing loyalty strategy in the fall of 2016. Just two years in, Coborn’s has learned, in significant detail, the nuances of their customer base, including shopping patterns, channels they engage most with, offer management and personalization preferences. Dennis Host, Vice President of Marketing, will detail how the very robust MORE Rewards program came to life, and how they are using the program to drive personalized offers to their guests. Dennis will also discuss the challenges and successes they’ve faced along the way, and how they are leveraging Symphony RetailAI data to better understand their most important base of shoppers.