Innovation Zone

This year’s Innovation Zone will highlight the latest innovations from Symphony RetailAI – from AI-enabled personalized marketing and demand forecasting, to virtual store remodeling, next-generation category management and Symphony RetailAI’s unique digital analytic assistant, CINDE (Conversational INsights and Decision Engine). Below is a short snapshot of what to expect:


A first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence-enabled digital assistant for grocery and hard goods retail that is transforming the way retailers work.

CINDE does what is humanly impossible, helping you make more intelligent business decisions at speed and scale, to drive sales, profit and customer loyalty.



Comprehensive promotion planning, evaluation, and forecasting allows you to maximize the return on every promotional dollar through optimization with AI technology.

Virtual Store Remodeling

Make the most of data and insights to design, collaborate & test concepts for your in-store innovations. With VR Store Remodeling, you can have more productive conversations where people can think, build and collaborate to deliver the perfect shopping experience.

Personalized Marketing

Deliver the optimal content to each shopper for maximized conversion and sales lift using an omni-channel, 1:1 personalization platform that leverages AI-powered scoring and allocation capabilities.

Assortment and Space

Retailers and CPG manufacturers can leverage demographics, loyalty, and demand data to intelligently cluster stores, localize assortments, and optimize space allocations. Ensure compliance in-store using augmented reality to create a ‘realogram’ by scanning the fixture with a mobile device, and then instantly compare it with the live planogram.

Supply Chain

Build customer trust by ensuring product availability. AI-enabled demand forecasting can dramatically improve forecast accuracy, leading to reduced out-of-stocks, overstocks and waste. With real-time visibility into stock position and movement from packaged product to individual ingredient level, you can transform the supply chain into an interactive operation.

Shopper Perception

Investigate how shoppers respond to your products in a host of VR-simulated scenarios by examining their affective and cognitive responses and actual behavior. Close the loop with a 360-degree evaluation, which uses data gathered from the tests vs. field responses.

Strategic Revenue Management

CPG manufacturers can discern consumer behavior, competitive dynamics, brand position, category performance, demand and elasticity at the micro-market level to grow revenue and profitability. Optimize pricing architecture, trade spend, and tactics collaboratively with retailers to win the consumer and lead the market.

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